After the confirmation of your selected tour, you are required to agree to the following terms and conditions:

Changing Tour Dates

The start date of the tour, as stated in the tour confirmation, will not be changed under any circumstances. If accommodation has been booked by DTI Lanka Tours, the tour start date or any other dates will not be altered during the agreed-upon tour.

A guest has the flexibility to change the duration of the tour at any time, even after the tour confirmation, under the following conditions. However, if accommodation has been booked by DTI Lanka Tours, the selected days cannot be changed. Guests can add additional days after the confirmed days as per the agreement, but please note that DTI Lanka Tours will not take full responsibility for booking accommodation. If the guest has booked accommodation independently, DTI Lanka Tours may be able to change the tour upon the guest’s request. However, we advise guests not to change the tour start date or alter it by more than a week.

Changing Accommodation

If accommodation has been booked by DTI Lanka Tour, the number of guests confirmed cannot be changed during the hot seasons due to the inability to modify hotel bookings. Accommodation will be provided on a bed and breakfast (BB) basis or any other suite as per the guest’s special requirements.

DTI Lanka Tours reserves the right to change the tour without considering the aforementioned conditions and terms if the guest agrees to bear the consequences of the booked accommodation.

Vehicle and Driver

DTI Lanka Tours will provide an air-conditioned vehicle, and the type of vehicle will be adjusted based on the guest’s request. An English-speaking driver will be provided, and the driver’s salary, fuel charges, and parking fees will be covered by DTI Lanka Tours.

The tour agreement procedure is as follows: Initially, DTI Lanka Tours will consider the guest’s request and send a complete tour plan with a detailed cost attachment, including options with and without accommodation, as well as with and without site tickets. Once the quotation is agreed upon by the guest, we will send a tour agreement that outlines all the agreed terms and conditions, prices, and itinerary. The agreement will be sent via email. After the guest agrees to the terms and conditions stated in the agreement, the tour will be confirmed. The guest is required to make the advanced payment mentioned in the agreement to secure the tour booking.

Cancellation Process

A guest can cancel the tour under the following conditions and terms. If the cancellation is made after the advanced payment has been processed, it should be done more than 30 days before the agreed arrival date to receive a 100% refund of the advanced payment. If the cancellation is made between 21 and 30 days prior to the agreed arrival date, only 75% of the advanced payment will be refunded. For cancellations made between 16 and 20 days prior to the agreed arrival date, only 50% of the advanced payment will be refunded. If the tour is canceled within 15 days prior to the agreed arrival date, no advanced payment will be refunded.

Please be aware that if accommodation has been paid for by DTI Lanka Tours, the advanced payment will not be refunded under any circumstances. This is because Sri Lankan hotels do not refund any booking advance payments.

DTI Lanka Tours will deduct wire transfer commissions and taxes during the refund process.


DTI Lanka Tours highly recommend that guests purchase site tickets on their own.

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